About us

“We’re there because we care”

Here at LifeSavers our main philosophy is to be there for our customers and patients 24 hours/7 days a week. There is nothing more important in life than a loved one, and it is crucial that those you love are taken care of with the utmost compassion and sensitivity. Our main focus is to transport those who are in need of assistance whether it is medical or non-medical to their designated appointments. We provide wheelchair transportation services to the elderly and the disabled. In addition to our wheelchair transportation, our company also provides with gurney transportation as well, that way you are accommodated with the most proper transportation available.

At LifeSavers your transportation needs will be provided by Certified CPR/First-Aid Patient Care Supporters. They will assist and provide gentle and loving care to and from the designated locations. Also, if necessary, our company provides Emergency Medical Technicians to stay with the patient en-route to his/her appointment for additional patient support. Our main goal and what our entire company thrives on is to provide the best care and transport possible.

Lastly, and most importantly, are the vehicles your customers/patients will be transported. At LifeSaver’s we provide top of the line non-medical transportation vehicles on the market. Each of these vans come with wheelchair lifting mechanisms, so there is no hassle for the individual loading and unloading the passenger. LifeSaver’s transportation also provides vehicles that are specifically designed to transport individuals who are in need of a stretcher/gurney. Each vehicle, whether it is for wheelchair or Gurney, are all accommodated with First-Aide kits.

Professionalism, care, and time sensitivity are the key components of our company. It is our job and duty to make sure that you and your patients are transported with gentle and loving care to their destinations at all times. We do not signify ourselves as a transportation company, consider us more of Patient Care Supporters on the go. After all, we provide care and support during transport.