As an emerging leader in Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, LifeSavers has been promoting the top and safest transportation in the Bay Area. We have set ourselves ahead of the pack to provide the highest quality of transportation and care to our customers and patients. Our duty is to get our customers and patients to their destination safely, on time, professionally, and at an affordable rate.

When you are in need of a non-emergency transportation you can count on us to be their always. We pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction and safety. LifeSavers provides transportation round the clock, 24 hours, 7 days a week to give you the comfort of knowing that there is always someone there for you and your transportation needs.

Here at LifeSavers, we take care of all aspects non-emergency medical transportation. We will help you and your family with the following transportation needs:

  • Transportation to and from dialysis
  • Transportation to and from pharmacies, physical therapy clinics, rehabilitation centers, chemotherapy and radiation treatment facilities, etc.
  • Transportation to and from any type of non-emergency medical appointment
  • Transportation to and from non-emergency medical appointment
  • Transportation to and from a dental appointment.
  • Transportation to and from senior centers and adult day care institutions.
  • Wheelchair  transport
  • Gurney transport.
  • Transportation assistance in hospital and nursing home admission or discharge.
  • Transportation to Weddings
  • Transportation to funerals
  • Transportation to holiday events/celebrations
  • Transportation to and from airport

For all your transportation needs, LifeSavers Transportation is surely up to the task.  Thank you for visiting our page.  Please call us today at 510-878-9000